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The Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc. was formed in July 1974 at Liverpool, NSW, as a result of an inaugural meeting attended by a number of people intent on creating and pro-moting this unique, new Australian Pony Breed. From this and many subsequent meetings, the Australian Miniature Pony Breed was registered in its own right.

The Australian Miniature Pony was derived from selectively breeding down in miniature, the small known pony and horse breeds. Decades of dedi-cated breeding, refining height and conformation,
has achieved the breed as it is seen to-day.

As the name suggests, size is a very important requirement and the Ponies must not exceed 87 centimeters. Our Society now also has an Appendix Registration for ponies that have been registered AMPS but have gone over 87cm but under 91.5cm.

Interest has spread rapidly to all Australian States, with small quality breeding stock being in great demand.

Australian Miniature ponies are the perfect answer for horse lovers who have smaller acreages or who no longer wish to ride or handle larger animals.

They are suitable for small children to ride and make a wonderful first ponies that you will want to keep forever.

As they are quite robust, they make superb little harness ponies and provided they are gradually conditioned to it, can be driven for quite long distances.

For those who enjoy showing in led, harness or proformace classes, they are a pleasure to exhibit and the whole family can join in the fun with child handler, fancy dress and novelty classes gaining popularity.

They are adorable and thrive on attention from owners and visitors alike. The tiny foals are a delight to cuddle and watch at play.

They are used for therapy by people with disability, many of whom have discovered what a faithful companion the Australian Miniature Pony can be.


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